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Tal Adler was born in 1989 to two physical education teachers. he discovered dancing, and possibly being gay, while twirling around in his room with scarves around his little body. At that point in his life he wanted to be a belly dancer (something his grandma wouldn't forget and kept mentioning throughout her life with much confusion). When Tal was in the second grade he asked his mom to sign him up for jazz classes. She refused and took him instead to tap dancing and to Qiryat Ono's youth folk dance company. He spent his childhood dancing and swimming competitively, filling up his schedule just like he does these days. His close friend recommended that he move to a performing arts high school. And so, after painful goodbyes to his swim goggles and tap shoes, he went shopping for tights and ballet shoes. He studied in Thelma Yellin high school and fell in love with the endless possibilities of the body. Later on he moved to New York to study at Juilliard. In his training Tal worked really hard on narrowing down what it means to be a dancer, whatever that is. Today he works really hard on widening what dance is. He collaborates with different choreographers, where he has an opportunity to play and find little magical moments of honesty and simplicity. He's had the pleasure of working, dancing, singing (definitely widening) with Roy Assaf since 2021 on Figure No. 16, and Gornisht.  

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