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Avidan Ben Giat is an independent dancer, choreographer, and designer. He was born in 1990 in jerusalem. At the age of 4, for the first time, he tried out his sister’s ballet shoes. At the age of 7, he was dancing front line - dead center, in any school break activity. At the age of 15, several girls from his school took him and his twin brother to an after-school dance class. After 3 years of dancing mostly Hora dance, he auditioned to the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance high school and got accepted. Six years later he graduated High school and started to work with the Ensemble of the Batsheva Dance Company. In the years after Avidan worked with the Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak Dance Company where he was amazed by all the different craftsmanships that were combined in every piece. This is why after 4 years of dancing there, he decided to stop dancing and went to study Visual Communications at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Throughout the years he danced also with several independent choreographers locally and internationally such as Andrea Costanzo Martini, Ido Batash, Lisi Estaras, and Rachel Erdos. And designed the set for Ori Lenkinski, Zvika & Alina Fishzon & Andrea Costanzo Martini. Avidan likes to integrate many different fields in whatever he does.

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