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In 1996, Inbar Buchbinder was born after a prolonged struggle in her mother's womb, against her twin sister (Noam). The twins used all their powers, Inbar pushed with her elbows, Noam pulled in the hair, time ran out, the doctors had to intervene. In surgery, Noam pulled out first and Inbar lost the premiere with dignity. Since that they have learned how to share, love, and support each other. In 2002, after years of home dance performances, her parents noticed thepotential inherent in inbar and together they chose the Raanana Da nce Center, where she began her career. She gained a lot of stage experience in playing various roles: baby, frog, flower and more, which evolved her performative abilities. In addition to dancing she played basketball (for a short time) and was an outstanding apprentice in the Scouts. In 2015, after she graduated high school, inbar was full of ambition to do meaningful military service. she screamed out of joy when she got the job she wanted- “armored corps instructor”. While in the army, she finally understood that she wanted to be a professional dancer and From that moment she Just waited for time to pass. after army, she found interest in the program “RE-SEARCH” which is a professional program for creative dancers under the artistic direction of Or Marin, it turns out that the interest was mutual, and since then (2017-2019) she found herself in the studio, learning and exploring her body every day of the week. Since graduating, Inbar found herself in the freelance field, she has been dancing in projects, creating, researching, performing in reality / online / broadcasting live streaming at various dance festivals. practicing, studying and teaching yoga. mostly she is curious for more..

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