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Reut Yehudai, a hard-working musician in israel, always credits her work ethic with her gratitude for having the best job in the world. as a child, reut’s biggest dream was to become - wait for it - a boy. She invested her never-ending reserves of energy on becoming one, playing football and marbles, shooting slingshots, and engaging in other un-girly activities. Another early passion was singing. At the age of one, and before she knew how to speak, Reut could already sing the “100 first songs” book by heart. At the age of 4, she performed a whistling concert in front of her kindergarten friends, and by the age of 6, she started her musical journey by joining Kley Zemers school, choosing a very large instrument called the two-story organ with pedal. Later she joined Asaf Taari’s band, playing the piano in his private shows. Taari became an unconditional mentor for her. While Reut never really considered taking the whole music business one step forward, she had an epiphany during a shark surgery that took place as a part of her veterinary studies in the Faculty of Agriculture. Reut understandably felt she needed to be somewhere else, and headed towards the Rimon School of Music. Where today she teaches. Reut burst on the Israeli music scene with the song “Dvash akol Dvash” (Honey) which became an enormous hit and opened up her singing career for real. She was performing with some of the biggest stars in the country and abroad, and despite keeping one of the busiest schedules in the industry she also released two solo studio albums to critical acclaim. Another milestone in Reut’s career came in the form of music production. Reut discovered an unused room in her apartment, and like the closet that led to Narnia, this one led to a stream of music-making, producing songs and albums in a multitude of different genres. Reut started exploring music for dance and choreography when she met Roy Assaf. At first Assaf reminded her of a boy who used to pull her braids back in the 80’s in Moshav Sde Moshe.Lo and behold it actually was him! Reut and Roy cooperated and created some magic for many of Roy’s dances, and thanks to Roy, Reut continues to work with other choreographers as well, such as Sharon Vazanna, Dafi Altabeb, Ron Cohen, Sally Anne and more.

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