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Naomi Ben David, loves dancing, reading, writing, stretching, talking, walking, working, worrying and occasionally taking a deep breath. At the age of 7 she wanted to be either a belly dancer or a flamenco dancer. After trying one class of each She went for the flamenco dream. She danced for eight years with heeled shoes, long fluffy skirts, hand held fan and all. As She grew older, alongside her love for dance She grew to also love art (both visual and abstract) and studied it. She learned about objects, moving images, historical references, paintings and more. This knowledge allowed her to see movement from a broader point of view and opened her to modern dance, the freedom and self expression of it. Eventually, the heeled shoes turned into barefoot wounded feet, the long fluffy skirts turned into a leotard which very quickly turned into baggy comfortable clothes (rags), and her hands stopped making flower-shaped circles above her head and started having a life of their own.

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