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WID Studio

Michal grew up in Ra’anana. A small and sleepy town…  Michal, meanwhile, was ever alert. At the age of 16, she sought reasons to ride the 47 bus line to the city that never sleeps; it was then that she decided to covet the world of make-up in Tel Aviv in a way that surprised everyone around her, as well as herself. She fell in love with brushes and color palettes and scribbling on people and with people, and as such, she set off on what would become a seasoned career as a make up artist for the Israeli television industry.

Hagai was born in a kibbutz. he then moved to paris. from there to petach tikva. then on to a cooperative village, then to belgium, and back to paris. In each place, Hagai loved taking things apart, sawing, tying, gluing, and building. He decided to study the art of doing these things professionally and earned a degree in a nearly useless vocation. It was then that he returned to Israel and thought and thought… and thought some more about how to apply this degree for which there is hardly any use. Ultimately, he began constructing the stages and backdrops of the Israeli film Industry.


In 2012, Hagai and Michal met on the set of a show that no one remembers the name of. They fell in love– not immediately; it took some time. But in the end, they were in love and Hagai realized that Michal was in the wrong profession. That she should be sketching the layouts of apartments and homes rather than shadows on faces. He convinced Michal to study Interior Design and so she did. It was then she realized that he too was in the wrong profession; that instead of crafting swords from the middle-ages for German productions, Hagai should plan spatial layouts with her. They have been collectively deconstructing, planning and building together ever since. 

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