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Jeremie Bernheim was born long ago. in another century. a century when music was played using vinyl records long before it became the cool choice when it was simply the way to play music. Music that moved him in such a deep and emotional way that the only logical thing to do was to dance like no one was watching. He danced and danced and danced until it was clear that people needed to witness this constant phenomenon. He was lucky enough to join the Batsheva Dance Company, where he danced for six years under the artistic leadership of Ohad Naharin. After leaving the Batsheva, he continued to perform as a freelance dancer for several more years. But then… he stopped. He simply stopped dancing. Out of the emptiness of non-dancing, he realized that the only logical thing to do was to become a designer. Jeremie graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (Department of Visual Communication) and has been working ever since as an interaction designer in Israel’s tech industry. To keep a smile on his face, he joined forces ten years ago with Roy Assaf to create visual objects, edit videos, and arrange musical scores for some of Assaf's most beloved dance creations… and has been doing so ever since.

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