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Tomer Giat was born in jerusalem in 1993 on a snowy night but he never lived there. He was raised in Rehovot to a mixed ‘ashkenazi’ and ‘mizrahi’ family, and he is very  proud of his mixed roots. His first memory of dancing is actually his grandmother's memory who claimed that  she saw little Tomer dancing with a broomstick while he was cleaning her yard. Tomer’s version is that he was fighting a bee. Either way it was clear that young  Tomer loved the attention and glowed when everyone was watching him. As a kid with lots of distractions, dancing was Tomer’s escape, and that remains true  today. At the age of 18, Tomer got accepted to the ‘Maslool’- Professional Dance Program in  Tel Aviv, where he studied for three years. Tomer met Roy Assaf in his third year of  studying, learning part of Emanuel Gat’s “Rite of Spring”. After a short time Tomer  was assisting Roy teaching these materials. After graduating from the Maslool, Tomer start working as a freelance dancer with  numerous choreographers in the Israeli dance field and continues to do so till now.  He has performed in works by Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor, Rachel Erdos, Or Marin &  Oran Nachum, Ravid Abarbanel, Gilad Jerusalmy, Idan Cohen, Idan Sharabi, Odelya  Kuperberg and more. In 2016, Rotem, Tomer’s little sister, chose to leave this world after a long time of  fighting and struggles. Since then, he has begun exploring this event in his own  creations as a way of healing and dealing with her loss. Tomer has received support from the ImpulsTanz International Dance Festival &  ATLAS Program, Mifal HaPais' Culture Council, AIFC and the Ministry of Culture and  Sport- The Independent Creator's Fund. In addition to performing, Tomer works as rehearsal manager, massage therapist and  is a talented baker who dances round the kitchen in whatever free time he has (not  much).

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