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ANAT CAME INTO THE WORLD IN 1980 WITH A FACIAL PRESENTATION AND APGAR SCORE OF 7, ALTHOUGH THE DOCTOR ASSURED HER WEEPING MOM THAT THIS GIRL WOULD BE BEAUTIFUL. She grew up in Ra’anana during a time when you could still hear the call for fresh eggs in the morning and take in the sweet scent of the strawberry fields. It was in 1992 that Anat watched the legendary film Dirty Dancing and vowed to her sister that one day, she would marry a dancer. In 2006, Anat married that dancer. In 2007, life was full of surprises and contrary to her grandfather’s advice to attain her doctorate in social work, she found herself on a plane to the south of France with her dancer. It was in stunning Provence that Anat gave birth to her first daughter, navigated a foreign language, and fell in love with the art of baking; she dreamt of her own cultivated sourdough, reduced tarts, and aromatic brioche. As the universe would have it, she studied confectionary art and birthed a small business of her own. These days, Anat bakes mainly for her dancer and the four additional souls that entered their family over the last thirteen years. She has managed to visit both the University of Tel Aviv and Haifa in gradual but ultimately successful pursuit of grandpa’s idea, and with those qualifications hosts weekly visitors in her home to talk about life’s complexities. In the mental space between her living room couch, kitchen table, and sunny plant balcony, she inspects the car engine, stretches a sail, fine-tunes the navigation device, and ensures that the ship is sailing smoothly.

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