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Dance with us 

Workshop - Conversation - Performance

With Roy Assaf Dance. Every encounter with people is an invaluable opportunity to share and receive.


Anat +972(0) 502655493

Workshop: 60-80 min

Break: 30 min

Performance: 20-40 min

Conversation: 20-40 min


Moving together, moving apart, moving in canon, moving in unison. Moving fast, moving slow, moving more and more, moving, still moving, and keep on moving. Moving as two, dancing as three, around in a group, is it community? Poetry? Meant to be? An exercise in democracy?

Indecent movement, efficient movement, movement with text, movement on words, movement on the beat, on the off-beat, movement without a beat and without cease, the movement of waves on the beach, just move your feet.


Figure No. 16

Figure No. 16 is a work for three dancers and a white dove with loose bowels. Or, a dance for two couples in a series of 1000 beginnings. Or, a parade of rapping clowns, stand-up comics, and philosophers posing questions to the audience. With both sincerity and great playfulness, it raises questions about the definition of dance and the legitimacy of framing certain actions as performance.



Overgeneralization is a human tendency, a tendency that lies at the core of Girls. Five women in red, on a narrow white floor, exposing themselves to stubborn cliches of femininity that appear at every turn. Voices go up to please, to protest, to pacify.  Gestures are minimal. Flirtatious, as if taken from the catalog of male fantasy.

Five women are gathered here, engaged in complicated dialogue with the expectations and demands of society sitting invisibly, mightily, inescapably upon all our shoulders.


At the end of the performance, artists and audience sit together in order to open a space for dialogue. Questions, observations, frustrations, connotations - all types of sharing have a place. 

No encounter is ever quite like the previous.

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